A Complete Guide on How to Play Slots

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Slots machines have been called many things, but one of the most common nicknames for them is “one-armed bandits.” The nickname was mostly used back in the days when slot machines had a lever on the side, hence the one arm, and were able to strip a person off their money, hence why they were called bandits. Back in the day, there were gears inside the machine that spun the reels and doled out the winning or losing combinations.

How modern slots operate

Modern slot machines, both online and land-based, have a random number generator program that decides on the outcome. The program is made in such a way as to make it difficult for a human to predict the outcome. In any other casino game, you can know, more or less, the odds of winning, but with slots, there is no such a thing.

In fact, take any claim of learning how to win slots with a grain of salt. However, you can learn how to play slots from guides like https://www.netbet.org/online-slots/how-to-play-slots.html or playing for free. Most online casinos offer free play at their slots and other casino games. This can be very useful because today there are more than a thousand different online slots, from different game providers, at different online casinos. When faced with such a variety of games, you need to understand the basics to be able to play. And for that, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to play slots and enjoy them, without being negatively surprised at the outcome.

Choose the right casino

The best online casinos have two things in common. One, they offer a generous welcome bonus, and two, they offer weekly and monthly promotions, and these promotions often feature free spins. Online casinos have to do this to attract players, and as a player, you can benefit a lot from it. So, what type of casino are you looking for?

The casino you’re looking for will have a large selection of slots, for starters. While not a rule, if the casino has more than 100 slots, and features some of the most popular slots and progressive jackpot slots, chances are you will find a daily, weekly, or a monthly promotion of free spins that you can use.

The different types of slots

There are three main types of slots these days:

  • Classic, or three reel slots
  • Five reel slots
  • Seven reel slots
  • Progressive slots.

The number of reels referred, back in the day, to the number of vertical lines, or reels. Today, even in modern land based slot machines, this is just a video screen. The slot machines used to have only three reels, which is why three reeled slots today are called classic slots. Classic slots have remained true to their past counterparts and feature clean gameplay without a lot of animation and graphics. This doesn’t mean that they’re not popular, but players do tend to pass these over for the more popular five reel slots.

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Seven reeled slots feature seven columns. While some players feel that more is more, when it comes to slots, seven reeled ones are not among the most popular ones. Because of that, seven reeled slots are rare – but you may find them at some casinos online.
Five reeled online slots feature five vertical lines, have more winning combinations, as well as wilds, multipliers, different bonuses, free spins and different bonus rounds as well. For this reason, they’re highly popular, and the newest slots often feature five reels. In addition, they also feature 3D animations and superior graphics and sounds.


Progressive slots are slots where every bet from every player goes into a jackpot pool. The jackpot can usually be hit by betting the maximum amount so these slots can be quite expensive to play. On the other hand, some progressive jackpot slots feature millions.

Choose the right online slot

Once you know the type of slots, it’s easy to make your choice. It all comes down to your preference. As previously mentioned, most players prefer the five reeled slots because you have more winning combinations and in turn, your chances of winning are bigger compared to playing the classic slots.

However, other players find the increased number of reels and winning combinations confusing, and they prefer to stick to the classic slots because they are easier to understand. Classic slots rarely feature anything other than wilds, while five reeled slots may have wilds, multipliers and bonus rounds, which may confuse some players, especially if they have never played before. However, we will teach you all about them and how they work, and if you want to enjoy superior animations and graphics along with your wagering, then you will be able to play five reeled slots without getting lost in the sounds.

Wagering and how it works

When it comes to wagering, different slots have different amounts. Some slots have a minimum coin value of $0.01, while others start at $0.1. Most slots feature an info panel with all the pay lines. Checking it out and looking at the different pay lines and combinations is always a good idea because you will understand the game better that way.

When you play slots, you choose how many lines you’re going to bet on and how many coins you will bet per each line. However, there are slots don’t have the option to choose how many lines you’re going to bet and how many coins you’re going to wager on them. Some slots also feature a max bet button. Clicking on it means that you will bet the maximum amount allowed per line. Often, the maximum wager for a five-reel slot is $250.

Wilds, multipliers, free spins, bonus games and how they work

Wilds have been a feature since the days when slot machines were still called one-armed bandits and had real gears inside. The wilds in slots work the same way as wild cards work in card games – the Wild takes the place of a symbol. This means that if you’re playing a three reeled slot machine, and you have two of the same symbols and a wild – you’ve won.

Five reeled slots are taking this to the next level. Some feature multipliers – symbols that will multiply your win if they appear, double it, triple, and so on. What most people find confusing are the free spins and bonus games – or bonus sections.

Free spins won in-game are not the same as free spins gifted by the casino. This means that if you win ten free spins in-game, you will use them immediately after you’ve won them. Then, after you’ve spent your free spins, you will go back to using your own money to play. Often, these are also referred to as bonus rounds because you will play five, or ten, or how many you’ve won, rounds for free.

Bonus sections or bonus games work a little bit differently. Depending on the game, the symbols and the rules, you may unlock or win a bonus game. When this happens, you will either be taken to the different screen immediately, or you will be asked to choose which bonus you want to proceed to.

Final tips

Here are some final tips for you to use when playing slots:

  • Use the maximum bet option for a bigger win, if you can afford it;
  • Read reviews of any slot that you wish to play that way you will know the slot better before you play, especially if the slot features different bonus games. You will know, for example, if the slot offers three different bonuses, which bonus game is better;
  • Create a selection of different types of slots: progressive slots, classic slots, five reeled slots, one with a lot of wilds, one with bonus games, and so on. This way, you will avoid getting attached to only one game, and you will get a better feel of all the slots that are out there;
  • Try free play if you’re not certain you like the slot – especially if the slot is new;
  • Hot (winning) and losing streaks do happen when you play slots – but not as often as some players will lead you to think. If you had a hot streak today, it doesn’t mean you will have a hot streak in the same slot tomorrow;
  • Winning is always more about luck than strategy in slots.